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When I was a younger man and life was more fun, first thing in the morning I would roll over, snatch the ashtray off the nightstand, plop it on my chest, and light me up a Newport. Man, I miss third grade. But now that I’m closing in on 100, I’m snatching the iPhone and checking the news — which is just as unhealthy.

Anyway, it was a little before 6 a.m. on Sunday morning when I first learned of the Covington Catholic High School controversy. By then it was big news, and there was no question it would get bigger. So even though it was my day off and I had a television in need of viewing, I clicked around looking for this thing called facts.

Outrage? There was plenty of that.

Indignation? Everywhere.

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Self-righteous virtue signaling? Please.

What I failed to uncover, though, were facts.

Although the establishment media, the left, and (to their never-ending disgrace) the boys’ own Catholic school had already publicly condemned these MAGA-wearing kids as the second coming of the KKK, there were no facts to back up any of this.

Oh, there was plenty of selectively edited video flying around, plenty of stories like this one in the far-left Washington Post that deliberately misled readers into believing the facts were all known, and the overnight hate-shriekers at CNN and MSNBC were already hoarse from turning it up to 11… But where were the facts?

There were none. So I said nothing. I tweeted nothing. I wrote nothing. Because that is what adults are supposed to do, especially when you are talking about the reputations of 16-year-olds, about dooming kids to Internet infamy.

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