Fake News Jim Acosta Announces Book Deal And The Response Is Hilarious

Steve Watson
Prison Planet.com
January 24, 2019

King of fake news, CNN’s Jim Acosta is to have a book published entitled “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.” The response to Acosta’s announcement of the book was swift and hilarious.

HarperCollins Publishers have decided that there are enough Trump hating loons out there who will buy a collection of Acosta’s deranged rantings, so the book will be released in the Summer.

According to a CNN article, or press release (whatever the hell this fake news is), Acosta’s book will provide “never-before-revealed stories of this White House’s rejection of truth, while laying out the stakes for how Trump’s hostility toward facts poses an unprecedented threat to our democracy.”

Acosta’s title originates from a rant he gave last year at San Jose State University, during which he declared: “This is a dangerous time to tell the truth in America, but the truth is bigger than a bully.”


Acosta claims that he is “writing this book to share what I’ve experienced covering President Trump during his first two years in office.”

“This sobering, bewildering, and sometimes frightening experience has made it absolutely clear that this is a dangerous time to tell the truth in America.” he adds.

Mmmmmm, so dangerous that Acosta is risking life and limb on cable TV literally every hour whining about it and cashing in with book deals and speaking appearances.

“The president and his team, not to mention some of his supporters, have attempted to silence the press in ways we have never seen before.” Acosta claims. Again, immediately proving his own claim to be false.

“As just about everybody has seen, I have witnessed this first hand. As difficult as that challenge may be for the free press in America, we must continue to do our jobs and report the news. The truth is worth the…

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