Fake News: CNN Speculates Russia Probably Covered Up Involvement In Chemical Attack


Assad echoes Putin in saying attack was false flag set up by US

Steve Watson
Prison Planet.com
April 13 2017

In a report Wednesday, CNN cited ‘anonymous sources’ to push a conspiracy theory that Russia covered up its communications regarding the chemical attack in Syria.

According to the network, an anonymous senior US official has claimed that the US intercepted communications between Syrian military officials which proves that Damascus was behind the attack in Idlib.

CNN then noted that evidence implicating Russia has not been unearthed, and speculated that the reason is probably because Russia is better at covering its tracks.

“The likelihood is the Russians are more careful in their communications to avoid being intercepted.” the CNN report reads.

The report states that US intelligence has communications “featuring Syrian military and chemical experts talking about preparations for the sarin attack in Idlib last week.”

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The anonymous source didn’t provide any other facts or context, such as when the intercept was made, and what concrete information was contained within it.

The only specific detail given from the source is that Russia flew a drone over the hospital that was treating people injured in the attack.

The report also speculates that even if US intelligence agencies had proof of Russian involvement it probably wouldn’t make it public because “the US feels right now that it has made the case that Russian support for [Syrian President Bashar] Assad must end.”

CNN says that the source did say that the US “did not know prior to the attack it was going to happen.”

Meanwhile, the Syrian President has echoed Vladimir Putin’s claim that the attack was a ‘false flag’ set up to justify US military strikes.

Assad went further than Putin, specifically saying that the US was behind the attack, and that it is a 100 per cent…

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  • James Leonard

    But it was the US that published photos from the attack that Professor Postol from MIT proved were fake. How did Russia get America to publish fake evidence and why would Russia and Syria make America give fake accusations that accuse Russia and Syria of the crime?

    No, CNN deserves to drop a lot more in ratings after this obvious lie!

  • cathy H

    Fake news!!

  • Wile E Genius

    CNN & thinking is an oxymoron. They are not speculating. They are plain old lying.

  • BooBooBaby

    How can CNN (Clinton News Network) continue to get away with spreading Fake News!?? With BS Sources!??