Existing EU could cost UK billions of pounds: Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that leaving the European Union (EU) would cost Britain billions of pounds in infrastructure investment deemed as an economic risk to the country.

“Brexit could cost Britain major funding such as the £16 billion invested into infrastructure projects by the European Investment Bank over the past three years,” said Cameron, addressing pro-EU supporters in a campaign event in central England on Saturday.

“Not only would leaving the EU see us wave goodbye to this crucial funding – but, with a smaller economy hit by new trading barriers and job losses, it’s unlikely we’d be able to find that money from alternative sources,” he added.

Cameron noted that leaving the EU would have a ‘devastating impact’ on future major road, rail and education projects.

“Infrastructure affects the competitiveness of every business and the prosperity of every family in the country – but a Leave vote on June 23 risks…

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