Executions in Hawija; 175 Killed in Iraq

Executions in Hawija; 175 Killed in Iraq

As the fight for Mosul draws closer, so does the day
that Baghdad and Arbil will have to discuss
the new border for Kurdistan. Peshmerga forces have been busy recovering
traditional Kurdish territory stolen from Iraq by the Islamic State. Those
gains may have come at a cost to other ethnic groups in northern Iraq.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi reported
that operations on Khalidiya Island are now ending and about 1,000 militants
were killed.

At least 175 people were killed
and 19 more wounded

Militants executed
48 young men
in Hawija. The men had been detained in several towns
near Riyadh and imprisoned for months.

In Baghdad, two attacks on
Friday left four
people dead and 17 wounded

Militants killed
four police officers
in Rutba.

A bomb in Zanqar killed one
Peshmerga and wounded two more

Police in Jabara accused
Shi’ite militiamen of kidnapping a Sunni father and his five sons.

militants were killed
in airstrikes on Tal Afar.

In the Jazira area,
security forces killed 30 militants.

militants were killed
in an airstrike against Saidiya.

A car bomb on a road between Qayara
and Makhmour left 10
militants dead

In Hit, airstrikes left three militants dead.

Security forces in Baiji killed
two militants

In Mosul, a militant leader was
in an airstrike.

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