Excommunication and Censure: the Depravity of Harvey Weinstein

By Mundilfury | redice.tv

The article presented here below, entitled “The Specifically Jewy Perviness of Harvey Weinstein,” first appeared in the Jewish publication Tablet on 9 October 2017; and is now prefaced by an apology written by its author, Mark Oppenheimer. Since the revelations about Weinstein’s sexually depraved conduct were made public, the organized Jewish community has been actively distancing themselves from him.

This censure has taken the form of numerous articles including this one penned by Oppenheimer and an equally damning piece that appeared in The New Yorker. Ironically, however, Oppenheimer revealed a bit too much about Jewish sexuality and the dark underbelly of the Jewish cinematic elite; especially by invoking the works of Philip Roth.[1] Oppenheimer was forced to write an apology because of the revelatory nature of his piece.

The figurative excommunication of Harvey Weinstein is consistent with the notion that academic Kevin MacDonald articulates when speaking about the group ethic of Judaism and its enforcement within the Jewish Community:

the interests of individual Jews were consistently subordinated to the interests of the group. From the standpoint of the group strategy, the goal was to maximize the total resources of the community, not to allow each individual member to maximize his interest.[2]

The comments underneath Oppenheimer’s exposé are a good gauge of the readership’s opinions. To some readers, Oppenheimer in…

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  • Zaphod Braden

    The equally large scandal is all the LeftWing Activists that knew and said NOTHING even as they spewed venom about Trump’s bad words in the Billy Bush tape.

  • Sc00ter5111

    Harvey Weinstein is a stereotypical actor of “the tribe”. THEY ARE ALL CUT FROM THE SAME FILTHY CLOTH.

  • Grim Fandango

    Harvey Weinstein’s behavior is the norm in Jewish Hollywood, and this has been known for decades. It is apparent that Weinstein seriously crossed some higher member of the Tribe and is being excoriated for it. The proverbial horse’s head in the bed.

    Why, after decades of his bad behavior does everyone, including the Tribe’s biggest whitewashing machine, the NY Times, suddenly attack him?

    I will believe this is not exactly as I outlined above when the rest of the Horny Hollywood Honchos also get the public shaming they deserve, when dozens of starlets step up and expose them all. Many of those who were molested by Weinstein were also molested by other Moguls as well. If this does not happen, then we know that his public humiliation and financial ruin was just a payback from one of his own.