Ex-Obama Assistant Accuses Trump of Turning Boy Scouts Event Into “Nazi Youth Rally”

Trump Derangement Syndrome claims another victim

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
July 25, 2017


A former top Obama advisor has accused President Donald Trump of turning a Boy Scouts event into a “Nazi Youth rally”.

Jon Wolfsthal, who brags that he is “blocked by Trump” on Twitter, served as special assistant to President Barack Obama from 2014-2017 as the most senior White House official responsible for arms control, nonproliferation, and nuclear policy.

“Is nothing safe? @realDonaldTrump turns @boyscouts event into Nazi Youth rally. Boy Scouts must repudiate such a disgraceful display,” he tweeted last night.

Wolfsthal’s absurd charge appears to be based on leftist criticism that Trump treated the event as if it was a campaign rally comprised of his supporters rather than a non-political gathering.

The Atlantic accused Trump of “delivering yet another jarringly partisan speech to an apolitical audience—this one, comprised of tens of thousands still too young to vote.”

However, to make the leap from that to the assertion that Trump presided over a “Nazi youth rally” is clearly completely ludicrous and yet another example of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Numerous other anti-Trump leftists made the same comparison.

“Trump constantly speaks about loyalty. He did so tonight w/ the Boy Scouts. Hitler demanded a personal oath of loyalty from German military,” said Elite Daily’s senior politics writer John Haltiwanger.

“Trump has officially succeeded in making the Boy Scouts feel…

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