Evacuees of Grenfell tower still being charged rent

At least one former resident of Grenfell Tower, who had been evacuated after the fire disaster two weeks ago, says she is still being charged rent on the burnt-out flat in London.

A campaign director representing survivors of the fire said on Saturday a resident found out earlier this week that she has been charged for rent on a property from which she was evacuated along with hundreds of others in the surrounding buildings, when fire engulfed the 24-story building in west London on June 14.

“I had someone come to me yesterday saying they’d just got their bank card and things back, and seen that their rent has been deducted,” said Yvette Williams, coordinator of Justice4Grenfell campaign group.

It is not known how many other former residents have also had rent deducted for their homes.

“I don’t know how many but I would imagine all the people who have been evacuated are still being charged,” said Sue Caro, another member of Justice4Grenfell….

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