EU Parliament Launching Campaign Urging Voters To ‘Support European Project’

If you want a classic example of EU-style democracy in action, look no further: the European Parliament is set to push for a taxpayer-funded campaign aimed at stopping voters from backing Eurosceptic parties.

An internal strategy note sets out the plan clearly: “It is no exaggeration to say that the EU is at stake…campaign should not just aim to bring voters to the polls, but also convince them to support the European project.”

It amounts to a shockingly desperate and blatant attempt by EU federalists to limit support for rising forces right across Europe, from Italy to countries such as Hungary and the Czech Republic who are all rebelling against the Brussels project of open borders and mass migration.

Rather than the European Parliament comprising of those who reflect public opinion, rabid EU supporters now want to fill it with yes men who will agree to whatever the likes of Jean-Claude Juncker and others demand. It once again outlines why Britain is far better off out but shows the dangerous, disturbing direction the EU is now heading in.



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