End Afghanistan War And Pay ALL Soldiers A ‘Victory Bonus’

“It’s time to build here, not there.”

Steve Watson
Prison Planet.com
March 6, 2019

Senator Rand Paul has launched a fresh effort to end the war in Afghanistan, bring all US troops home, and pay every veteran of the conflict a ‘victory bonus’.

Paul will introduce new legislation this week “to end a war that should have ended long ago.”

The Senator announced the AFGHAN Service Act to end the 18 year conflict on his Facebook page:

“I supported going to war in Afghanistan in 2001, attacking those who harbored the 9/11 terrorists or helped to organize the attack … and going after al-Qaeda,” Paul said. “But we are many, many years past that mission. We have turned to nation-building at the cost of more than $50 billion spent a year in Afghanistan.”

“It’s important when to know to declare victory and leave a war,” he added. “I think that time is long past, but I think we can all agree that time has come.”

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As Paul notes, more than $2 trillion has been spent on the war, and close to 2,300 Americans have been killed.

“War is a terrible thing and we should only do it when we have to,” Paul added.

“Osama bin Laden was killed eight years ago” Paul added, further noting that Pentagon officials have acknowledged “al-Qaeda is nearly wiped out.”

Furthermore, Paul has earmarked a bonus of $2,500 to every U.S. service member, past or present, who served in the post-9/11 military campaigns often labeled as the ‘Global War On Terror.’

Paul declared that the “peace dividend,” is a small price to pay to reward 3 million U.S. service members who have deployed since 2001.

“It’s time to declare our mission over and our war won,” Paul says. “It’s time to build here, not there.”

Paul also noted that President Trump agrees with him regarding Afghanistan.

“I’ve talked to the president many times about this, and I think…

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