Embattled Trump faces White House infighting, Republican revolt

Embattled US President Donald Trump is facing a revolt by his own Republican Party over growing concerns about his ability to govern the country six months after taking office, amid a White House torn apart by vicious infighting.

Among some establishment Republicans, there are signs that patience with Trump is wearing thin.

For months, Trump has kept skeptical Republicans in line with an implicit threat that he would turn his loyal supporters against them. But there are growing signs that those threats from a president with a sub-40 percent approval rating are losing potency.

Trump suffered yet another humiliating blow Friday as a small group of Republican lawmakers in Congress dealt him a stinging legislative defeat by voting against healthcare reform to replace Obamacare.

Senator John McCain, who just last week was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer, unexpectedly pointed his right index finger in a downward motion to register a no…

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