Elon Musk envisions human colonies ‘beyond Mars’, skyrocketing unemployment on Earth

February 14, 2017

SpaceX founder Elon Musk has laid out predictions for a near-future where humans live among the stars and a dystopian-like employment crisis hits parts the world, because of advanced robot technology.

Setting forth a series of ‘outside the box’ theories about the future at the World Government Summit in Dubai, Musk again said that he is willing to die on Mars, but “just not on impact.”

With plans for the Mars Colonial Transporter in their nascent stages, Musk is hoping to shuttle the first explorers to the alien planet and possibly beyond.

The billionaire businessman explained that adventure is one of the driving factors behind this goal. However, he warned, becoming a multi-planetary species is also “important for the long-term survival of humanity.”

“If you can consider two futures, one where we are forever confined to Earth until eventually, something terrible happens, or another future where we are out there on many planets. I think that the second version is incredibly exciting and inspiring and it gives you reasons to get up in the morning,” Musk told the audience.

Speaking about the acceleration of space flight, he said the critical breakthrough is the “complete reusability of space rockets.”

So far companies like Blue Origin and SpaceX have been the leading lights in reusable spacecraft, which Musk says is important if space travel is to open up to a wider market.

Earlier the entrepreneur said that, like the short timeframe between the first flight and humans landing on the moon, what is thought to be impossible now could become reality very soon.

“This may be just wishful thinking [but] I hope we are out there on Mars and maybe beyond Mars to the moons of Jupiter.

“I hope we are traveling frequently throughout the solar system and perhaps preparing for missions to nearby star systems. I think all of this is possible within 50…

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