Earth Bombarded by High Energy Waves

The role of a journalist is to report “the truth” based on available verifiable evidence of unfolding events and developments in this world. Because undisputable empirical facts confirm that the current crime cabal dominating this earth has chosen war over peace, exploitation and greed over cooperation and sharing, fake news and propaganda lies over honesty and truth, and death over life, as an alternative news journalist I’ve felt compelled to focus on exposing the existing crime cabal’s latest evildoing, ensuring that a wealth of hyperlinked source documentation is included to back up my contentions. A global network of child sex slavery, horrific ritualistic abuse, and trafficking amongst the most powerful elite in this world was recently exposed through #Pizzagate, Weiner’s laptop and Podesta-Clinton emails, my journalistic focus has centered around that despicable evil this last month. But now the urgency of another overlooked, highly controversial subject that alludes 99% of alt-media seems newsworthy and pressing enough to at least cover.

As a reporter of what is now drawing intense internet speculation via a number of emerging YouTube videos, apparently based on measurable geophysical data, I will present the following information for your consideration. I leave it up to you the reader to decide whether to believe what’s presented or not. Because some of it is clearly conjecture, I encourage you to follow up exploring the possibilities of its veracity (or not) based on the best available information, rather than take what’s offered here at face value as irrefutable Gospel truth. I am neither a proponent nor a denier of what’s presented here, and I concede the possibility that what is suggested may turn out to be pure hype, proving bogus like numerous past false alarms – the Y2K fiasco and the 2012 Mayan calendar panic come readily to mind. Indeed legions of fear mongers thriving on and off the internet extend far into our history erroneously predicting the end of the world or life as we know it. Indeed in these troubled times on a daily basis, an increasing number of doomsday scenarios are constantly surfacing. But as both an observer and reporter, I feel it my incumbent responsibility and duty to at least cover what could speculatively prove to be prophetically accurate and true based on extrapolated past empirical, connect-the-dot patterns.

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Several popular internet bloggers who specialize in interpreting geo-astrophysical data have been predicting and warning of cataclysmic galactic events pinpointing the time of earth arrival anywhere from December 25th-December 27th. They maintain that enormous electromagnetic cosmic pulse waves have been striking the earth showing up on MIMIC TPW microwave imagery as a strange anomaly if nothing else. How space weather phenomena impacts events on the earth’s surface are currently under intensive scientific study. Over the last couple weeks, an internet consensus has emerged amongst this subset of bloggers speculating that very powerful pulse waves may be emanating from a magnetar, a neutron star that may be a soft gamma repeater (SGR). The most identified one in question is SGR 1806-20 discovered in 1979 located about 300 quadrillion miles away halfway across our Milky Way galaxy within the Sagittarius constellation. A magnetar is classified as a type of neutron star that is the dense remnant of a supernova explosion characterized by an extremely powerful magnetic field. A magnetar carries high energy electromagnetic radiation consisting of both dangerous gamma rays as well as X-rays. Millions of these neutron stars exist throughout our galaxy.

The largest burst ever recorded (100 times stronger than any other known) came from the magnetar SGR 1806-20’s potent magnetic field decay observed on December 27th, 2004 is strongly linked to the December 26th, 2004 9.1 magnitude West Sumatra earthquake in Indonesia that resulted in a tsunami, killing over a quarter million (280,000) people in the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans, the world’s fourth deadliest natural disaster since 1900. Despite its diminutive 12 miles (20km) size in diameter, SGR 1806-20 is the most highly magnetic object ever discovered at over 1015 gauss compared to our sun’s 1-5 gauss and the earth’s magnetic field of half a gauss. The late December 2004 light was invisible to human eyes, falling in the gamma ray energy range and far more energetic than visible light or X-rays.

The SGR 1806-20 explosion that occurred 50,000 light-years away from the earth finally reached our planet on December 27th, 2004, after its starquake eruption (crack in the star’s crust) occurred tens of thousands of years ago, becoming the brightest observed event known to be sighted on earth from an origin outside our solar system. The lit up ionosphere that lies at the outermost rung of the earth’s upper atmosphere was actually partially ionized by the pulse’s magnetic radiation. Our magnetosphere which is the protective layer extending 370,000 miles (600,000 km) above the earth’s surface was damaged by the intense galactic magnetic radiation. That magnetar blast observed a dozen years ago incredibly released more energy in just over one tenth of a second than our own sun has emitted in the last 150,000 years. That’s how amazingly powerful these magnetars can be, seemingly unfathomable to the limited human mind. More mind-blowing info on their density – the mass of just one cubic centimeter of neutron star material is estimated to be equivalent to the combined mass of all 250 million cars in the US as the magnetar’s mass is several times that of our sun’s.

None of our most sophisticated space satellites recording the 2004 burst were even pointed in the direction of SGR 1806-20. Launched in 2002, RHESSI is NASA’s designated spectroscopic imager responsible for observing the gamma and X-ray radiation from solar flare activity of our own sun while European Space Agency’s (ESA) INTEGRAL is the satellite designed to detect and measure gamma radiation in deep space’s black holes, supernovas, and neutron stars. Another NASA orbiting spacecraft mission known as Swift launched just a month prior to the 2004 blast observes gamma-ray bursts (GRB’s) that are believed to be the biggest explosions in space since the Big Bang, recorded to occur on an average of about once a day coming from all corners of the universe. Scientists are reaching a consensus purporting that long GRB’s are the birth child of black holes out in deep space billions of light years away while shorter GRB’s lasting less than two seconds are SGR’s closer within 100,000 light years from our planet. Because of nothing comparable to the December 27th, 2004 event ever occurred that was so closely monitored, recorded and analyzed, it took two months after the fact for NASA to finally issue its official explanation on its website in February 2005 of what the scientific community around the globe believed took place. NASA concludes:

Such a close and powerful eruption raises the question of whether an even larger influx of gamma rays, disturbing the atmosphere, was responsible for one of the mass extinctions known to have occurred on Earth hundreds of millions of years ago.

On December 27th, 2004, the just over a tenth of a second flash from the initial burst of the SGR 1806-20 starquake caused the three Swift detector cameras to become instantly saturated, over-flooded with high-energy radioactivity. An estimated 2.5 million photons per second crashed into Swift, frying a number of nearby space orbiting satellites. The super bright flash was even reflected off the moon’s surface. The energy explosion possessed a force of gravity billions of times stronger than the earth’s and a magnetic field quadrillions of times stronger than the earth’s, in pulses every 7.5 seconds timed with each rotation of the magnetar. Though the magnetar’s crust was believed to have shifted just one centimeter during the eruption phase, the seismographic force it generated moving through the cosmos in late December 2004 is estimated to register 23 on the logarithmic Richter scale, thus posing strong evidence of triggering the 9.1 Indonesian quake that struck just hours prior to the strongest electromagnetic surge ever recorded. Hitting the earth a few minutes behind the powerful gamma rays traveling at the speed of light came the fireball carrying a swarm of radio waves moving at one-third the speed of light.

The earth’s magnetic field was seriously damaged by severe solar storms or solar flares in June 2015 when during a two-hour period our magnetic field shrunk from 11 times the earth’s radius to just four. Last month it was noted that a gigantic crack in the earth’s magnetic shield allowed the harmful cosmic rays to pour into our atmosphere stirring up geomagnetic storms in the northern hemisphere.

Despite the much further distance from the earth, some believe that SGR 1806-20’s far more powerful electromagnetic bombardment of strong gamma and X-rays permanently sheared off part of the earth’s magnetosphere on December 27th, 2004. Even a decade after the 2004 cosmic blast, ESA scientists expressed worry over data collected during the first six months of 2014 measuring a still weakening magnetic field. One theory explaining the change is the gradual shifting of the poles where due north is tilting more towards Siberia. Rather than observing the full gradual several thousand year cycle for a magnetic compass to flip and point south instead of north, the ESA scientists have determined that the magnetic field is weakening a full 5% every ten years instead of the usual 5% every 100 years. This indicates the flipping of the poles is likely occurring much faster than the normal cycle previously expected. Concern grows that we’re due for another pole shift.

These disturbing trends are explained by the cumulative damage already sustained by the 2004 blast that destroyed a portion of our protective magnetic shield, reducing the earth’s resistance to further destruction by both solar and galactic flares that strike the planet’s atmosphere and crust, internally heating up and destabilizing the earth’s iron core and molten metal mantle that in turn increase surface activity of both volcanoes and earthquakes, which we’ve observed a huge spike in recent years. Magnetic fluctuations both internally and externally are directly connected to the earth’s tectonic plate movement. The solar and galactic flares wreaking havoc on our magnetosphere play a major factor causing the significant rise in major earthquakes and active volcanoes now soaring on our planet.

Major changes being tracked on earth are also being observed on other planetary surfaces and atmospheres within our solar system and they have nothing to do with the human caused CO2 levels. That’s a complete sham foisted on us by the globalists aggressively pushing toward one world governance. The actual heating of the planet and accompanying volcanic and earthquake activity are largely due to loss of our protective layer the magnetosphere having taken some near fatal blows from dangerous solar and galactic radiation flares as well as solar winds and is in the process of rapidly collapsing. If the magnetic poles do flip, solar winds capable of puncturing holes in the ozone layer pose yet another catastrophic consequence. Additionally, these galactic and solar flares, storms and winds could easily knock out the power grid and transportation and satellite communication systems for months or even years, resulting in 90% of the population dying within the first year. Cancer rates would also double from increased cosmic radiation at ground level.

A number of credible scientists are making claims that support the potential for a solar storm that could cripple the planet by destroying the power grid. The senior scientist at San Diego’s Predictive Science prognosticated a 12% chance that a strong enough storm will cause severe grid infrastructure within the next three years. Former US military intelligence officer Major Ed Dames was in charge of the government’s remote viewing research program that has successfully predicted several past events. He predicted that “a Chernobyl-like event would strike Japan as a result of a large earthquake and tsunami.”  Dames has also stated that a super flare will potentially kill millions if not billions of people after the earth’s magnetic field becomes so weak to be unable to prevent flares from hitting and heating up the earth. Just weeks ago Obama signed an executive order to fund as well as warn the public of the coming danger of a disastrous space weather event, almost as if he already knows one is fast approaching.

Still another malevolent factor increasing our risks perpetrated by the elite is the highly harmful toxicity resulting from widespread aerosol geoengineering over the last couple decades, covertly raining heavy metals into our atmosphere, soil, water, food chain, our lungs, and brains, wiping out trees and animal species alike. These poisonous metals like aluminum, barium, and strontium are electrical conductors that also ionize both our lower atmosphere and ionosphere. Advanced military climate modification technology has warmed the Arctic among other regions. HAARP technology is nothing more than ionosphere heaters. This weather technology, in turn, destroys the ozone layer and permits harmful ultraviolet radiation as well as gamma and X-ray radiation to flood our biosphere. It’s all a viciously destructive circle that serves no healthy or positive benefits to life on planet earth. And it’s being speculated that thickening chemtrails are purposely concealing sightings of the mysterious Planet X system.

All these alarming developments that in recent years provide an empirical pattern of discernable connecting effects and results that may well be operating at the earth’s ground level in a few days is the basis for an influx of internet warnings portending potential cataclysmic events predicted immediately ahead. A couple of potentially hazardous asteroids are also currently nearby. The second wave of galactic mass ejection of intense cosmic radiation energy is currently striking the earth, twelve years after the biggest energy burst in history accompanying the 9.1 killer earthquake.

Even the gossip rag the Daily Star has sensationally jumped on board with the recent headline “Starquake to ‘strike Earth on BOXING DAY triggering global earthquakes and tsunamis.’” Of course as expected it predictably ridicules the “conspiracy theorists” as clueless dimwits for predicting the post-Christmas doomsday downer.

But of course, dozens of online videographers and blog sites portray a very different story. This week on December 19th a 5.5 earthquake hit just off the Ecuador coast killing three where a deadly 7.8 shaker rocked the region in April this year killing 670 people. On December 17th the planet’s largest earthquake of the year struck at 7.9 hitting a South Pacific island east of New Guinea, surpassing the December 8th 7.8 quake erupting near the Solomon Islands again in the South Pacific. That same day the strongest US 6.5 quake rattled the Northern California coast. 104 people died in Indonesia the day before when another 6.5 earthquake rocked Northern Sumatra. Hours even prior to these eruptions, USGS seismograms all over the earth began detecting unusual activity even where no earthquakes were happening.

As early as December 1st, seismographs globally were consistently showing this same mysterious pattern of anomalies coinciding with a recent barrage of larger earthquakes in the past weeks. In addition to the latest 5.6 quake in New Zealand on December 22nd, a 7.8 shaker also struck that nation last month. A total of 52 earthquakes measuring 5.5 or higher have struck just in the last 30 days. Speculation soon emerged referring to a “restless” inner earth core and experts began talking louder again about the “the big one” on the West Coast. All this comes when a new study indicates California’s 800-mile long San Andreas Fault could simultaneously rupture along the entire fault line with as much as $289 billion worth in estimated property damage.

Though the scientific experts don’t quite know what to make of all these strange phenomena, or at least aren’t specifying, online weather watchers began analyzing the incoming meteorological data and drawing some sobering conclusions. From the popular blog site BPEarthWatch:

It is being reported that a magnetar starquake has occurred and the first weak wave arrived on 10/15/16 and a more powerful wave, that has the potential to cause large devastation to the earth, is due to arrive on 12/26/2016.

One of the original scientists Bryan Graensler analyzing the December 2004 blast had this to say about that cosmic event:

Had this happened within 10 light-years of us, it would have severely damaged our atmosphere. Fortunately, all the magnetars we know of are much farther away than this.

Dr. Graensler described the mild effect on humans of the magnetar burst so distant from us to be “about the same as a dental X-ray.” The scientific community insists that as powerful as the 2004 flare was, because it was five times beyond the danger zone of 10 lights years away, it cannot possibly wreak earthly havoc. Yet the fourth largest natural disaster killer in 116 years erupted just hours prior to that last cosmic blast, convincing many that this next radiation wave will also trigger even more powerful earthquakes along the Rim of Fire than we’ve already seen to date. And with this recent quake influx, perhaps it already has begun. But the side of the planet facing the radiation assault at the specific moment when the blast hits the earth’s surface is believed to be most susceptible to the severest devastation. Thus, true believers say it’s a crapshoot as to where the most damage might occur.

The rising proliferation of mass animal die-offs, the mysterious earth humming sounds that 2% of humans hear, the reckless human tampering with nature, be it with unnatural military weather modification or unnatural disasters through EMP weapons technology, the crossfire between man’s earthly transgressions and the earth’s reverberations has been on overdrive in recent months, intuitively and logically leading us to know “something’s got to give.” Humans’ folly is no match for Mother Nature.

The earth is experiencing a significant increase in stronger earthquakes this century, and with active volcanic eruptions currently soaring at 50, more than ever before, it stands in sharp contrast to the lowly average of 35 active volcanoes occurring each year throughout the last century. Though the last super-volcano erupted 74,000 years ago, the Yellowstone caldera is perhaps now the most active in the world having exploded 640,000 years ago. A supervolcano’s ash alone can cause a life extinction event. Experts maintain that we’re now at the highest possibility at a 5-10% chance of a supervolcano exploding within the next 80 years. A related concern though is that earthquakes can trigger super-volcanoes.

Meanwhile, our protective magnetosphere is growing weaker while both solar and galactic flares are intensifying. All these developing trends are ominous, but combine them with the strange recent anomalies observed the last few weeks and more projected bursting waves about to collide with the earth, it seems plausible that more catastrophes may be yet to come.

With concrete physical changes being scientifically verified amongst all the celestial bodies and planets in our solar system and increasing evidence suggesting the presence of the Planet X/Nibiru system moving closer to the earth, the current anomalies being witnessed may also be due at least in partial to that twin star system’s probable existence.

Finally, yet others are interpreting this influx of mysterious energy surrounding the earth as not the bringer of apocalyptic doom but the unveiling of powerful spiritual forces that are empowering the people to take back their sacred planet from the criminal cabal. They refer to a “compression breakthrough” event when “light forces from above the surface of the planet and from below the surface of the planet meet in the middle,” at the surface of the planet for transformative change.

If this final week of 2016 produces no major changes, no big earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, humanity will have dodged a bullet and we can count our blessings while ushering in the New Year together. Of course, mainstream media will be quick to point out how internet “fake news” and “conspiracy nuts” got it wrong again, joining the endless parade of past doomsday fools and Chicken Littles. Hopefully, if the dire warnings do come to pass, minimal loss of life and property damage will be the outcome. And if there’s a lesson to heed here, perhaps we should selectively pay more attention to internet analysts who are more skilled and adept than given credit while bold enough to go out on a limb to warn us. Whatever happens, this next week will be interesting. And perhaps this time will mark a new beginning, a transformative spiritual change within us that will manifest profoundly through positive external changes and experience. Regardless of the outcome, it’s an important time and opportunity to make the most of what we share with whom we love and care most about.

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