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Dutch historian Rutger Bregman, whose shaming of elites at Davos for not paying their taxes made him a worldwide sensation, has now launched a stinging attack on the BBC, after appearing on This Week, the outlet’s political show.

In a series of devastating tweets, he claimed he’d been invited on to the program under false pretenses. He revealed that producers had originally invited him to talk about his book, but ended up pushing him to give his opinions on Brexit and the EU, despite his protests that those issues were outside his expertise.

Davos was a bewildering experience, but this beat everything.

Bregman lashed out at the show’s presenter Andrew Neil, guests Michael Portillo and Alan Johnson, both of whom are former UK government ministers, saying the “right-wing dinosaurs” had ganged up on him, cutting him off, making up facts and changing the subject “every ten seconds.”

Summing up, he claimed it had been his “worst experience” with the UK media and suggested that British journalists are the “least curious” about ideas on how to tackle poverty, such as a Universal Basic Income, outlined in his book ‘Utopia for Realists.’

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Neil has hit back at Bregman’s tirade on social media, claiming the Dutchman is merely embarrassed about his performance and that, for a man who is all about “’taxes, taxes, taxes,’ his knowledge of taxes seems thin.”

Commenters under both Bregman’s thread and Neil’s rebuke mostly sided with the Dutch economist, though – lamenting the BBC’s bygone credibility.

Bregman, meanwhile, used his getting drowned out on the BBC program as another opportunity to amplify his own message – tacking links to a few of his smoother TV appearances at the end of the critical Twitter thread.

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