Drunk man stopped from driving by gang of mums, banned from roads (VIDEO)

A drunk man was stopped from driving by a mob of mums who wrestled the car keys out of his hands. He has been banned from the roads for up to three years.

David Stark, 59, was handed the ban by Grimsby Magistrates Court in Lincolnshire after his blood alcohol level was found to be nearly three times the limit.

Stark can be seen on CCTV footage staggering to his car and attempting to open the door, when a woman approaches him and holds it open so he cannot close it.

Another woman joins her and they both grab for the keys. They do not appear to get the keys at first as he climbs out of the car, locks the door and walks away.

Moments later, he is seen walking back to the car, but is again blocked by one of the women.

A crowd of women gathers and they eventually persuade him to hand over the keys.

A woman who contacted police at the time told the Mirror: “If he had driven off and hit a child, bearing in mind it was near school closing time, how could you live with your conscience?

“If it had not been for the other mums we would have not stopped him. All I could think of was what could happen if he drove off?”

A Humberside Police spokesperson said: “We have the public’s full support in preventing such incidents, as it puts everyone’s life at risk.

“This incident shows how the public can work with the police to ensure suspected unfit drivers don’t drive their vehicles and therefore protect pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.”

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.