Don’t Be Evil

I will never forget when I first heard that Google had adopted “Don’t be evil” as its motto.  My first thought was:  Spare me the self-righteousness, please.  My second thought was that such a holier-than-thou statement could only come from a couple of immature kids who were infected with that horrific moral disease known in finer circles as “absolute moralitis.”

Thus, it was easy for me to translate Google’s “Don’t be evil” motto into “We intend to be evil.”  And evil they’ve been, so much so that the company’s nefarious track record has finally caused the powers that be to take notice.  There is little argument that the most powerful company in the history of the world is determined to silence conservative viewpoints while elevating those espoused by the Radical Left.

The Google brouhaha has reminded me that at the top of my list of pet peeves are those pompous souls whose words make it clear they believe they are morally superior to mere mortals like you and me.  I’m talking about the sanctimonious individuals who seem never to tire of pounding their chests and lecturing us with childish, hollow statements about such topics as “love” and “truth.”

The idea of “do as I say” love has become so pervasive that even President Trump blurted out, during one of his visits to Texas, “We must all love each other.”  I realize that politics is 99.99 percent B.S. and that Trump has a scary habit of spewing out dumb comments without thinking, but this particular statement made him sound very much like members of the fascist left who seem intent on wanting to force us to say and do what they believe is right.

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