Donald Trump and the Rise of Patriotism 

Some people were encouraged by the small number of white supremacists who gathered on the anniversary of Charlottesville. It is indeed a good sign that this form of branding is less appealing than it was a year ago. The admirable goal of making racists afraid again may have won in Charlottesville. Alas, a more insidious brand of white supremacy has gripped the country. Look at Portland, Oregon where anti-fascists were attacked by police. Police watched as fascists used violence in Charlottesville a year ago. We know whose side the police are on.

The anti-fascists in Portland were protesting the group known as Patriot Prayer. This ugly group of pro-Trump white nationalists is fairly transparent. When Donald Trump says he is anti-establishment he means that he is against the protections of nature, poor people, peace, immigrants, minorities and women the state has traditionally provided, however lamely.

Donald Trump has replaced the concept of a government with the concept of a fascist oligarch state. The focus of trade deals is “winning”. The number one purpose of the United State government is not to provide for its people, but to keep immigrants out. Environmental protections of the land in the United States are a joke to Trump, as the only purpose is the growth of global business, a.k.a the 1%. Remarkably, many people do not care. Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats don’t give you anything much better but it is safe to say Trump supporters are choosing…

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