Do You Prefer To Shoot a 9mm?

Recently, profiled a standout 9mm brand, Full Stop. After testing and being quite impressed with the brand, it was disappointing to learn it’s not yet on retail shelves. Here are three other brands that, in this writer’s estimation, are worth consideration in feeding your 9mm pistol, yet don’t have the notoriety of larger brands.

Precision Delta hasn’t let me down

For defensive or competitive use, Precision Delta’s PDP Pro 124 grain JHP packs a punch. I’ve been using it this year for a couple steel competitions. It’s never missed a beat in a Canik TP9SA, a Gen 4 Glock 19, or the Heckler & Koch VP9. This super-clean, new-brass load is made with competitors in mind. The company doesn’t provide muzzle velocity information, and I don’t’ have a chronograph, but they claim it’s a low-recoil round. What I do know is it’s never failed for me.

At about 39 cents per round, PDP Pro is reasonably priced for match-grade 9mm. Delta is not just the name, it’s also the location of this Mississippi company, which is better known to the reloading and law enforcement communities than the general consumer.  Like many smaller brands, they hadn’t yet created a pretty box to contain the product, which arrived in a heavy plastic bag. Don’t let a little packaging inconvenience reduce your confidence in this outstanding load.

Competitive shooters should keep Precision Delta in mind. (Photo: Team HB)

Competitive shooters should keep Precision Delta in mind. (Photo: Team HB)

Allegiance Ammunition

The folks at Virginia-based Allegiance Ammunition keep cranking out radically new varieties of frangible ammo, not to mention radical field tests—who else do you know who can document having killed a feral hog at distance with one round of 380 ACP? Last fall, I had the chance to fire their One Strike 70 grain rounds through a variety of pistols at…

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