Do You Feel Vulnerable in Your Own Home?

Shooteru2019s Bible Gu…
Roger Eckstine
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If the current climate leaves you feeling abandoned and defenseless, the Shooter’s Bible Guide to Home Defense can put you on the path to becoming a proud sentry at the gates of your castle. Firearm expert Roger Eckstine examines how to evaluate the premises, how to choose various security systems, and how to safely interact with aggressors should someone invade your home. Other topics include:

  • Minimizing hiding places
  • Body language and verbal judo
  • Improvised weapons
  • Fight versus flight
  • Coping with children or the elderly during an attack

Once again, renowned firearms expert Eckstine delivers helpful tips and provides valuable information. The purpose of this book is to familiarize yourself with the basics that you need to know to defend your home.

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