DHS Admits: We Stage Domestic Terrorism


DHS just admitted it: They stage FAKE SHOOTINGS inside US shopping malls.

Read that again — let it sink in.

Jeh Johnson (DHS Secretary) just announced that FBI is staging FAKE Domestic Terrorism.

Inside your shopping malls. For at least 2 years. Got that?

The US Government is taking your money, and using it to terrorize your children. And Jeh Johnson (DHS Secretary) admitted it on 2/23/2015.

I explored fake mall shootings a couple weeks before that — and got slammed. But two weeks later, here we are. Conspiracy theories just became reality.

FBI claims it “Began staging the [FAKE SHOOTING] ‘drills’ after the 2013 attack on Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya.” So that shooting in Kenya somehow authorized FBI to terrorize Americans? That logic is twisted enough — but get this:

That Kenya mall “shooting” appears fake too. Oddly, Kenya’s Westgate Shopping Mall is owned by Westfield Group, which allegedly has connections to the World Trade Center. Bizarrely, Westfield Group malls/hotels keep getting “bombed” and shot up.

Is FBI using this fake Kenya “mall shooting” as an excuse to wage domestic terrorism against US Citizens? Are we to believe FBI stages domestic terrorism in shopping malls (as Jeh Johnson announced), yet balks at using abandoned schools?

Two years of “shopping mall shootings” were “REAL” until this week — when Jeh Johnson was forced to admit they were “FAKE.” Other shootings/bombings will be “REAL” until the government is forced to admit they’re “FAKE” too. Let’s review some of those:

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  • Hp B

    The phony baloney US of Everything Is Rigged, Illegal (or pending)

  • jeannonkralj

    “Jeh Johnson (DHS Secretary) just announced that FBI is staging FAKE Domestic Terrorism.”

    I have just read the Daily Mail article and have watched one video where Jeh Johnson is speaking on this matter and I FIND ABSOLUTELY NO SUCH ANNOUNCEMENT by Mr. Johnson.

    “The US Government is
    taking your money, and using it to terrorize your children. And Jeh Johnson
    (DHS Secretary) admitted it on 2/23/2015.”

    Again there is ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF that Jeh Johnson has ADMITTED any such thing anywhere.

    The Daily Mail article uses these phrases…

    “a law enforcement official told CNN”


    “last year”

    It tested the readiness of SWAT teams
    by staging fake attacks at malls when they were closed, the official

    and “last year” …

    “DHS Admits: We Stage Domestic Terrorism”

    This article only has importance and validity if we have ON THE RECORD Jeh Johnson admitting they stage “Domestic Terrorism.” Would love it if this on the record evidence was real and existed but this article contains nothing of the sort.

    • barry soetoro

      So in your version of events, some random Employee of DHS stood up, exited the building, walked across the street to the newspaper company, and divulged a 2-year-long National Security Counter-terrorism program involving DHS, FBI and SWAT teams across the USA……… and this Employee did all this WITHOUT BEING TOLD TO BY THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY AT DHS, namely JEH JOHNSON (DHS Secretary)?

      If that’s what you’re claiming, then guess what? The DHS Employee who “just felt like divulging National Security programs to a newspaper reporter so Jeh Johnson could wake up the next day and suddenly discover this story in the newspaper” would be immediately arrested and jailed while the security apparatus of the Pentagon, White House, CIA and FBI decided how many lifetimes worth of Treason and Espionage charges to charge the Employee with.

      Your fairy tale scenario is adorable, but cannot happen in the real world — unless the fictional Employee were committing Treason and violating half a dozen Espionage laws.

      Conclusion = only 1 person at DHS has the authority to reveal this DHS/FBI Counter-terror program to ANYBODY (let alone in a NEWSPAPER). That 1 person’s name is J-E-H J-O-H-N-S-O-N.

      So yes. The exact person who released this information is the only person authorized to release this information without spending life in prison for Treason.

      And that person’s name is JEH JOHNSON.

      PS why are you using the DailyMail as the definitive “only true account of events?” It cannot be anyone else, besides Jeh Johnson. Whether DailyMail prints his name or not — it can only be him.

      If you’re taking the position that “Tammy from DHS Accounting Dept” was having a bad day, and decided to expose a National Counterterror program “because she felt like it,” then I’d love to watch you try to substantiate your version of “what really happened” and “how Tammy committed Espionage.”

  • barry soetoro