DHS Admits: We Stage Domestic Terrorism

DHS just admitted it: They stage FAKE SHOOTINGS inside US shopping malls.

Read that again — let it sink in.

Jeh Johnson (DHS Secretary) just announced that FBI is staging FAKE Domestic Terrorism.

Inside your shopping malls. For at least 2 years. Got that?

The US Government is taking your money, and using it to terrorize your children. And Jeh Johnson (DHS Secretary) admitted it on 2/23/2015.

I explored fake mall shootings a couple weeks before that — and got slammed. But two weeks later, here we are. Conspiracy theories just became reality.

FBI claims it “Began staging the [FAKE SHOOTING] ‘drills’ after the 2013 attack on Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya.” So that shooting in Kenya somehow authorized FBI to terrorize Americans? That logic is twisted enough — but get this:

That Kenya mall “shooting” appears fake too. Oddly, Kenya’s Westgate Shopping Mall is owned by Westfield Group, which allegedly has connections to the World Trade Center. Bizarrely, Westfield Group malls/hotels keep getting “bombed” and shot up.

Is FBI using this fake Kenya “mall shooting” as an excuse to wage domestic terrorism against US Citizens? Are we to believe FBI stages domestic terrorism in shopping malls (as Jeh Johnson announced), yet balks at using abandoned schools?

Two years of “shopping mall shootings” were “REAL” until this week — when Jeh Johnson was forced to admit they were “FAKE.” Other shootings/bombings will be “REAL” until the government is forced to admit they’re “FAKE” too. Let’s review some of those:

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