Democrats are From Hell; Republicans are From Hell’s Lowest Circle, and Trump is From Somewhere Else Altogether

Photo by Mike Maguire | CC BY 2.0

For nearly three decades, the right has been going after the Clintons – first mainly Bill, then mainly Hillary – for all the wrong reasons.

The right reasons are the many ways that the Clintons and those who think like them  — that would be most Democrats — are like Republicans.

Democrats are more decent, more socially liberal, more civil (right-wingers would say “politically correct”), and less wedded to retrograde causes and notions.  This can and often does matter around the margins.

But the respects in which Democrats are better are of little or no consequence for the fundamental economic and political problems faced by Americans, and peoples around the world who live under the sway of the American hegemon.  On those problems, Democrats and Republicans are as alike as peas in a pod.

The Republican Party is a party of the center right and the far right, but contrary to the conventional wisdom, the Democratic Party is not a party of the left or even the center left.

There is no politically significant left in the United States today; there are only remnants and individuals, vast numbers of them, yearning for left alternatives.  What is called a left is actually, to use Tariq Ali’s apt expression, an “extreme center.”

The extreme center is now going after Donald Trump with fervor equal to or greater than that of the right and far right towards the Clintons and likeminded Democrats.

Some of the reasons driving that…

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