Demands for Theresa May to ensure human rights aren’t pushed aside

Human rights charities are demanding assurances from Theresa May that she will tackle hate crime and protect the Human Rights Act as the country enters the precarious path towards Brexit.

Amnesty International UK directly addressed the new Prime Minister on her first day, expressing concern that fundamental rights will be sidelined when Britain leaves the European Union.

The charity’s director, Kate Allen, said: “There’s much to be concerned about in the country Theresa May is inheriting, and we very much need to turn the corner on human rights.

“The work should start today. The Prime Minister should make it her first point of business to guarantee that EU migrants can stay in the UK and won’t be used as bargaining chips in Brexit negotiations. She also needs to tackle the recent rise in hate crimes, racism and xenophobia and ensure refugees and migrants are no longer denigrated in political speeches.”

May has been vilified by human rights groups for defending a proposal that would see Britain retreat from the European Convention of Human Rights in order to draft its own equivalent. She also oversaw the deportation of dozens of people, including LGBT campaigners and a nonagenarian grandmother.

Hate crime rose by around 500 percent after the Brexit results were announced.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.