Dem politician questions Israel's ties to terrorism


Former US Democratic Representative Cynthia McKinney has questioned Israel’s ties to recent attacks in France and Germany, after an Israeli reporter managed to capture both attacks as they were happening.

“Same Israeli photographer captures Nice and Munich tragedies,” the six-term congresswoman from Georgia said in a tweet on Saturday.

The journalist in question is Richard Gutjahr, who videotaped the truck attack in Nice, France, that killed more than 80 people and injured dozens more on July 14. 

Eight days later, the reporter happened to be on the site of another attack in Munich, Germany, where a shooting rampage claimed nine lives.

“How likely is that? Remember the Dancing Israelis?” McKinney asked, referring to reported Israeli celebrations during the September 11, 2011, attacks in the US.

Former Democratic US Representative Cynthia McKinney

The former American lawmaker also posted a video, showing an article with the headline: “Same Israeli…

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  • Zaphod Braden

    Just like the “Dancing Israelis” ….. they JUST HAPPEN to be there.

    • geo1671

      How about the 200 plus Isrealies occupying several floors of WTC 1 and 2 for over 2 years with passes approved by Stinking Larry Silverstein? Any bets Bill Clinton’s regime was behind the planning execution of 911 attacks? Took years in the planning. GW Bush it was only a mule

  • Joseph Conrad


    • geo1671

      United Tits of Israel
      Let us not blame all Americans. If you eliminate all the fake Christians (example Kerry Trump Hellary….) and the all tribe members–America wouldn;t be a terrorist state.
      WWI and WWII were all about creation of Israel on Palestinian lands. Just shows how much these animals kill and destroy for their selfish interests

      • Occam’s Razor

        “What The Jews (Zionists) Did To The Germans”

  • Same with the Shooting in Texas. How the hell did the Reporter KNOW where to point the camera. Both the Camera man and the shooters were on the ROOF. WTF.

    • WakeUp!

      Another good connection detection!

  • anonymous4u4me

    Israhell the masters of terrorism starting with the king david hotel, and in their motto lies the truth, by deception thou shalt make war. They can’t help themselves, being the children of satan, as he is the true master of deception so they learned well from their father.

  • WakeUp!

    Good connection detection!

  • Johnny Canuck

    I Luv this Woman!!!! She has pissed on the Parade that ISIS-RA-EL keeps presenting to the World. She hjas been viciously attacked by the Israeli Lobby after she showed how if a Person running for an Elected Position doesn’t lick Israeli Boots, they will have that Person turtfed.

    Don’t stop, Cynthia. The Truth will not be eradicated nor left rusted. Listen up, Politicians in all Western Countries. If you serve Two Countries, your Country and ISIS-RA-EL, you are going to be exposed and reviled and hopefully kicked in your Traitorous Asses!!!!.

  • gmatch

    The so called Iranian in Munich has a full name: Ali David Soyboy. Hmm, he is a Jew as it turns out and he was shouting while shooting: I’m a German.

  • Cranford Ducain

    It may be best if she kept her car locked up at night and check it out every morning. Also, stayed off planes when she travels.