Danney Williams, Bill Clinton, and Their DNA

If you’ve seen pictures of Danney Williams you know he bears an uncanny resemblance to former President Bill Clinton who Danney claims his father. The facial features, nose, chin line— strongly suggest a biological connection.

Danney’s mother and two aunts insist Danney is Bill’s son citing the cash financial support furtively slipped to Danney’s mother over years as well as her insistence that Bill was the only Caucasian man she had been with in the year before Danney’s birth.

In 1999, various news organizations including the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times and Time Magazine reported that Danney Williams was not Bill Clinton’s son based on a widely reported DNA test that was based on the DNA report included in independent counsel Kenneth Starr’s impeachment report and a DNA sample that was taken from me. This is false. In fact, the test proved to be inconclusive because the Starr report did not contain the necessary data to reach such a conclusion.

As Slate , Snopes.com and the New York Daily News all reported ,the Starr report only included the results of the two tests required to establish paternity. The Starr report included a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) but did not include the  FBI lab’s test refraction fragmented length polymorphism (RFLP) would be also required to make this determination. The PCR test alone would not be enough to legally prove or disprove paternity.

In other words, an accurate DNA test to determine paternity requires two different DNA tests to determine paternity polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and the refraction fragmented length polymorphism (RFLP). The Starr Report included only the PCR data, thus any paternity test using the incomplete report would have to be inconclusive.

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