Danish Parliament Passes Resolution to Ensure Denmark Stays Danish


The Folketing, Denmark’s unicameral parliament, has passed a resolution stating that Danes should not become minorities in Danish communities, as figures show the migrant and migrant-descended population are now a majority in Brøndby Strand and Odense.

“Parliament notes with concern that today there are areas in Denmark where the number of immigrants from non-Western countries and their descendants is over 50 percent,” the resolution states.

“It is parliament’s opinion that Danes should not be a minority in residential areas in Denmark.”

Denmark, like many other European countries, saw a surge in sexual assaults and harassment by migrants after they began to arrive in large numbers.

Rafi Ibrahim, a Syrian who has been settled in Denmark for many years, told reporters that the new arrivals find it difficult to control themselves around Western women.

“If they see a girl, they go nuts. They simply can’t handle it,” he said.

“In Syria and many other countries, it is not normal for a strange woman to smile at you. Those girls who are harassed aren’t necessarily scantily-dressed or drunk. Sometimes it is enough just to be a girl.”

Danish immigration minister Inger Støjberg confessed in late 2016 that “integration in Denmark has failed”, following a damning report on criminality and unemployment in thirty-one increasingly migrant-dominated ghettoes.

“In my opinion it is because we have been too scared to set out clear demands to the…

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  • james ha

    wow what the devil is wrong with european countries that they allow so many migrants in that they have to actually pass a law ensuring their own survival. morons. they deserve whatever they allow to happen.

    • Zaphod Braden

      Same is happening in America …… HATERS of Western Christian Civilization are flooding small towns with muslums and people are too “guilt” trained “The Holocaust is the Holy Grail of white guilt.”

      • james ha

        the difference here in america is that we will not tolerate sexual assaults by muslims any more than we do by christians or jews. too many rednecks. too many black/hispanic street gangs. muslim “invaders” have no chance here.

        • Zaphod Braden

          So many people have a romantic view of the moral uprightness of opportunistic thugs. The listed will get piously outraged when in numbers and from cover …. but more likely will JOIN RIGHT IN if they think they can get away with it.

  • L Garou

    If they see a girl they can’t handle it?!
    Well maybe they need beat with a big stick, for starters..
    Ya think?