‘Dangerous’ Trump ‘May Fabricate’ Emergency To Stay In Power

“We can’t count on removing this guy by an election”

Steve Watson
Prison Planet.com
March 18, 2019

A leftist law professor from Harvard has labeled the President ‘dangerous’ and charged that Trump could fabricate ‘another national emergency’ specifically with the goal of staying in power in 2020.

Appearing on MSNBC’s AM Joy with host Joy Reid, constitutional law scholar Laurence Tribe said “Elections happen every four years. And sometimes some leaders are much too dangerous to leave in power — and this may be such a case.”

“The fact is by 2020, the amount of damage that will have been done to our rule of law, to constitutional norms will be very great and we can’t count on him [Trump] being out of office in 2020.” Tribe complained.

Tribe, who was Barack Obama’s law professor, labeled Trump “effectively corrupt,”and further charged that should he want to stay in power, he would “have enough help from not-too-friendly foreign powers: Russia, Saudi Arabia and maybe Turkey.”

“We can’t count on removing this guy by an election, he may fabricate by another so-called national emergency to influence that election,” Tribe suggested.

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Tribe, who has previously called for invoking the Twenty-fifth Amendment to remove Trump from office, said that those investigating Trump need to “persistently gather the facts,” because “the time will come for impeachment proceedings.”

Tribe is a fervent anti-Trumper. He even teaches a class at Harvard dedicated to the “impeachment and removal by other means” of President Trump.

The course is part of a wider program under Tribe titled “Constitutional Law 3.0: The Trump Trajectory”.

Students are learning about “how we might expect the Constitution to constrain Trump’s execution of his powers and duties, and what #impeachment and removal by other means might resemble in the…

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