Cynthia Nixon Denounces “Centrist, Corporate Democrats”

New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon on Friday called for a transformation of the Democratic Party, and said “we have to turn the system upside down” in order for the party to be “a vehicle for all working people in this country.”

The actress and activist, who’s hoping to beat Gov. Andrew Cuomo in New York’s Democratic primary next month, made the remarks at the Netroots Nation annual conference taking place in New Orleans.

“The Democratic establishment doesn’t like primaries,” she argued, because it sees a challenge to incumbents as hurting the party. In her view, however, it’s “centrist, corporate Democrats [that] hurt the party, and I think they need to be held accountable.”

“We are witnessing an incredible moment for the progressive movement right now,” she said, because “people are rejecting the status quo, and establishment Democrats, and a party leadership that is so often whiter and wealthier and more male than the party base.” That situation, she said, has driven hundreds of progressive-minded newcomers to seek office and put forth a better “vision.”

“This movement that we are building around the country isn’t just about the next election—it’s about offering a vision of the ways things could work if only we had the leadership and political courage to make that vision a reality.”

“Because it can’t just be business as usual anymore. We have to turn the system upside down. We have to uproot the broken establishment,” she continued. “And we have to usher in a new generation of leadership. We have to transform the Democratic Party into a vehicle not just for corporations, not just for Wall Street, but a vehicle for all working people in this country,” she said.

She chastised the party for putting “their thumb on the scale” by picking “candidates based on nothing more than their ability to fundraise from big donors,”…

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