CWA tries to ram through sellout deal to end Frontier strike


“We want to know the details of the agreement”

CWA tries to ram through sellout deal to end Frontier strike

our reporters

27 March 2018

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) announced late Sunday night that it has reached an agreement with Frontier Communications and is shutting down the three-week strike by 1,400 workers in West Virginia and parts of Virginia. The union has ordered strikers back to work as early as 6 pm today without permitting workers to first vote on the deal, which will dictate the terms of their employment for the next three years.

The CWA announced it was holding meetings today to “brief” workers on the agreement and will hold a vote on the proposal in “the coming weeks.” What few details that have been revealed indicate that it is another sellout. The wage increases—three 2 percent annual raises—are below the 2.2 percent rate of inflation and will continue the erosion of living standards. The hated multi-tier wage and pension system will continue. In addition, the deal includes “modest healthcare contribution increases as well as plan design changes that do not begin until 2019.”

Predictably, the CWA declared the strike a “victory,” claiming “the main objective of Job Security for every member in the bargaining unit has been achieved.” But as thousands of workers at Verizon, AT&T and other telecom giants who have lost their jobs know, such promises from the CWA are worthless. This fact is underscored by Verizon’s announcement earlier this month that it was closing one-third of its call centers this year, eliminating 3,000 customer service jobs.

It is clear that the CWA fears if workers had a chance to read, study and discuss the full contract, they would reject it out of hand and continue the strike….

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