Cross party campaign holds pro-EU march in London


Cross party campaign holds pro-EU march in London

Robert Stevens

25 June 2018

On Saturday, around 100,000 people marched to demand a second referendum on any terms reached by the government with the European Union over the UK’s withdrawal in March 2019.

Designated as the “People’s Vote” protest, the London demonstration was organised by the cross-party organisation, Open Britain, and other well-funded anti-Brexit groups.

Open Britain is the successor organisation to the official Remain camp in the 2016 referendum on EU membership. It is led by rebel Tories, right-wing Blairites, the Liberal Democrats, and the Green Party. It is backed by prominent sections of the media, especially the Guardian .

Its website states that it supports Britain remaining in the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union, despite the narrow pro-Leave vote. It vows to “fight against the hard, destructive and potentially chaotic Brexit path the Government has chosen.”

With the withdrawal deadline less than nine months away, the march was aimed at corralling real fears, particularly amongst young people, of a Tory negotiated Brexit being used to impose reactionary policies, especially on immigration and attacks on the democratic rights of EU citizens living in Britain.

Speakers included Conservative MP Anna Soubry, Labour MP David Lammy, Liberal Democrat leader, Sir Vince Cable, and Green leader Caroline Lucas. Labour MP Chukka Umunna, a Blairite opponent of leader Jeremy Corbyn, attended, while a succession of Blairites tweeted their support for the demonstration including Owen Smith, Chris Leslie and Stephen Doughty. Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former spin doctor, was also present.

The £100,000 cost to stage the protest was raised by People’s Vote organisation in less than a…

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