Corporate Front Group Smears List of Its Enemies as “Deniers for Hire”

The industry front group American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) has created a clunky new website containing an intriguing list of its enemies.

You may find a few folks you know vilified there. was created in 2016, according to a proxy-cloaked WHOIS listing. The site was funded by ACSH and edited by Cameron English, who currently works for the Genetic Literacy Project (GLP). GLP is another industry front group, run by chemical company PR agent Jon Entine, who has long partnered with ACSH to defend the agrochemical industry. Entine blogs frequently on the ACSH site.

The “deniers” site hyperbolically states as its goal “to expose and neutralize anti-science activist threats to humanity” and features profiles of those who have been thorns in the side of the chemical industry and related groups: scientists, journalists, lawyers, policy experts, and non-profits. Among the “threats to humanity” is New York Times Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Eric Lipton.

On the site, ACSH adopts language used by pro-science, consumer, and environmental groups to smear pro-science, consumer, and environmental groups. The term “deniers,” for instance, invokes the phrase “climate change denier.”

The website also calls the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) a “dark money group” even though the group spends zero money in campaigns and elections. It calls the Organic Consumers Association — which has long pushed for strict organic standards disavowing GMOs, radiation, and sludge — an “industry front group.”

Smeared by the site are scientists Tyrone Hayes, Stephanie Seneff, and Gilles-Éric Séralini; New York Times reporter Danny Hakim and columnist Mark Bittman; well-known food and science writer Michael Pollan; nutrition and food studies professor Marion Nestle; public interest groups like US Right to Know, Greenpeace, Natural…

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