Corbyn might suspend UK airstrikes in Syria if elected prime minister

UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn says he might halt the country’s airstrikes in Syria if he is elected prime minister in the upcoming general elections on June 8, arguing that “the bombing campaign has killed a large number of civilians.”

Speaking to BBC on Sunday, Crobyn said the ongoing conflict in Syria would only be resolved through dialogue and international peace efforts.

“At the end of the day, the only solution in Syria is going to be a political one. There is no other way of getting it. There has to be a reconvening quickly of the Geneva process,” referring to the failed UN-brokered negotiations between the Syrian government and the so-called opposition groups, which took place in the Swiss city of Geneva over the past months.

“I want us to say listen, let’s get people around the table quickly and a way of achieving that, suspend the strikes possibly, that’s one way.”

“What is the objective here? Is the objective to…

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