Coalition Members Agree to Salvini Becoming Next Italian PM

Italian election winners Forza Italia and Fratelli d’Italia announced they will support the candidacy of eurosceptic Lega leader Matteo Salvini after a resounding victory at the polls.

Fratelli d’Italia leader Giorgia Meloni said her party was committed to seeing eurosceptic Matteo Salvini receive the opportunity to form the next Italian Government.

The centre-right coalition led by controversial former PM Silvio Berlusconi win 37 percent of the votes at the Italian election 2018 held on March 4.

Ms Meloni confirmed she will ask Italian President Sergio Mattarella to give Mr Salvini the mandate, saying: “The first thing we need to do when we meet with President Mattarella is to tell him that our personal point of view is that the forming the government is up to the centre-right coalition. According to a rule we agreed inside the coalition, the role of PM must go to Matteo Salvini. Fratelli d’Italia will respect that commitment.”

With the new Italian electoral law, if no party or coalition reaches a majority, it will be up to President Mattarella to decide which party or coalition will be given the chance to form a government post-election.

Dubbed “the Italian Farage” for his anti-Europeanism, Mr Salvini has vowed to make “extreme” reforms to European laws if elected, has threatened the EU with the possibility of an “Italexit” and pledged in his…

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