CNN’s Tapper Says McCain Is ‘American Hero’ For Not Wanting Trump At Funeral

‘Real moment for the country’

Steve Watson
May 7, 2018

CNN’s endless rabid anti-Trump broadcast continued Sunday with State of the Union host Jake Tapper declaring that Senator John McCain is an ‘American hero’ for stating that his does not want President Trump to attend his funeral when he dies.

“I want to change the subject,” Tapper stated during the broadcast.

“This has been reported in the The New York Times and elsewhere, the plan would be to have Mike Pence be the one to honor Senator McCain in hopefully long, long, long from now event of his demise.” the host noted.

“This is a real moment for the country where an American hero, somebody beloved in many, many ways is saying I don’t want this guy at my funeral.” Tapper added referring to the President.

Tapper’s guest Democratic Rep. Gregory Meeks chimed in with another swipe at Trump.

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“Senator McCain is known for being honest, just the opposite of Donald Trump, and frank.” Meeks stated.

“When someone would come up with something negative about President Obama, he corrected them,” Meeks continued.

“And so, I wouldn’t expect anything to be different for Mr. McCain, Sen. McCain now. He is not going to be a hypocrite. He does not believe Donald Trump represents the kind of moral authority the President of the United States should represent for our country.” Meeks concluded.

McCain and Trump have been engaged in a personal war for some time.

McCain has said several times that he does not believe Trump has any “principles and beliefs”.

“He’s an individual that unfortunately is not anchored by a set of principles. I think he’s a person who takes advantage of situations.” McCain told Esquire last year.

The Senator added that while he acknowledges Trump is a successful businessman, “I don’t think he has the fundamental underpinnings of…

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