CNN, MSNBC Come Up With Weird, Sexist Excuses NOT To Arm Teachers

‘Women can’t conceal guns because they wear skirts’

Steve Watson
February 27, 2018

CNN and MSNBC continued to rage over the idea of allowing specially trained teachers to carry firearms and defend schools from potential shooting attacks, coming up with the most bizarre excuses to dismiss the idea, even suggesting that women cannot conceal handguns because they don’t wear enough clothing.

CNN analyst Tom Fuentes spent a whole segment arguing against arming teachers, employing the logic that because some are female and they wear skirts, they would not be capable of tucking away a firearm:

“A lot of these schools — Sandy Hook had an all-female faculty, from principal to teachers, and for a woman, where are you going to hide that gun during the day?” Fuentes stupidly argued.

“You can’t put it in your desk drawer; somebody might steal it, you can’t get to it. You’re not going to have it in a safe in the principal’s office; you can’t get to it…” Fuentes frothed.

“If you wear a dress, if you wear a skirt, are you going to have to wear a jacket everyday with a belt and a holster, the way a detective on duty would do? It’s not a real practical solution for a variety of reasons.” he concluded.

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That’s sexist. It’s very sexist. But when it comes to CNN’s rabid gun control agenda, everything else goes out the window, so the female anchor gave absolutely no push back whatsoever.

Later on CNN’s broadcast, Don Lemon flat out attacked teachers who want to take firearms training, saying that they are “being nonsensical” for wanting to be able to defend themselves:

“When I speak to law enforcement people and speak to actual teachers or people I know are teachers, they don’t know: are they carrying it on their person, can a student brush up, they’re breaking up a fight between someone, someone grabs the gun,…

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