CNN Freaks Out Over Trump Military Parade Plan

US Will Be ‘More North Korean’; Authoritarian Regime

Steve Watson
February 7, 2018

With news that President Trump has submitted a request to the Pentagon to conduct a military parade after witnessing Bastille Day in France, CNN completely freaked out and declared that the US is now an authoritarian regime, much like North Korea.

Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr noted during a report “what are we really talking about here? There has not been a military parade typically by the U.S. military in many years. The last one really after Desert Storm in the 1990s.”

“This may be seen as something unduly militaristic overseas, may be seen as an expression of celebrating years of America’s wars abroad … It is something, I don’t know that anybody can predict how nations overseas, especially in the Middle East and Asia, might react to it all.” Starr frothed.

Talking head Jeffrey Toobin then declared that “we’re getting more North Korean every day in this country. You know, yesterday the President says people who don’t cheer are un-American and treasonous. And today, we’re going to start having big parades with tanks and missiles.”

“People have to decide whether they want to have that kind of country,” Toobin added, claiming that anyone who actually wants that is in favor of a dictatorship.

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Toobin claimed that a military parade would be un-American, and “we don’t need to show off our military might like countries like North Korea or Russia might need to.”

Another talking head, David Swerdlick, also said it was “like North Korea,” and, more bizarrely, “like a middle-aged guy who goes out and gets an earring and ponytail.”

“That’s trying to prove something that just simply doesn’t need to be.” Swerdlick opined.

White House reporter Kaitlan Collins also added her fresh insight that a parade would be…

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