CNN Contributor Kathy Griffin Beheads Trump in ISIS-Inspired Photoshoot

Griffin hosts New Years Eve countdown for CNN

Adan Salazar
May 30, 2017

Comedian Kathy Griffin posed for photos holding a bloody decapitated head made in the likeness of Donald Trump.

Celebrity website TMZ got a hold of the photo Tuesday along with behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot with photographer Tyler Shields.

“During the photo shoot, Kathy joked that she and Tyler would need to move to Mexico once the pics got released, for fear they’d be thrown in prison,” reports TMZ.

Many online pointed out Griffin has frequently appeared on fake news CNN during New Year celebrations.

“Griffin has hosted CNN’s New Year’s Eve program since 2007 with AC360 host/friend Anderson Cooper,” notes.

Twitter erupted with users claiming the photo promoted violence against the sitting US president, with others questioning whether CNN would denounce Griffin’s actions. Others also inquired whether advertisers would continue supporting the network:

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