CN Blows Past Fund Raising Goal; Top 10 Stories Revealed – Consortiumnews

Thank you readers. Consortium News far surpassed its Winter Fundraising goal. Thank you also for voting on the top 10 stories of 2018. Here are the results.

Thanks to the generosity of our readers Consortium News blew past our $5o,000 Winter Fund Drive target. Our drive ran from Dec. 10 to Jan. 10. In that time we raised $91,867.00. We consider that a referendum on the job we are doing to bring you independent journalism in the tradition of Robert Parry, our founding editor. 

Here are the top ten Consortium News stories of 2018 as voted on by readers.  Each story that received a first place vote earned 10 points, second place got nine votes, third place eight votes down to tenth place, which netted one point. The winner received the most total points.





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