Clinton led Trump by 1 million in popular vote: Vote tracker data

The lead of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over her Republican rival Donald Trump as the US president-elect in the popular vote has grown to more than one million.

Clinton is leading with 61,964,263 votes against Trump’s 60,961,967 votes, according to the 2016 US national popular vote tracker data released by the nonpartisan Cook Political Report on Tuesday.

Reacting to the statistics, the president-elect wrote on his Twitter page that he would have run a different campaign and won more popular votes if he had focused more on the swing states considering his loss in New York and California.

“I would have campaigned in New York, Florida and California and won even bigger and more easily” Trump said.

Trump had earlier complained about the electoral college system, in which each state is worth a different number of votes, saying he had “respect” for the system but he preferred the popular vote method.

“I’m not going to change my mind…

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