Clinton gives green light on making Michelle Obama cabinet member


Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton says she would welcome giving US First Lady Michele Obama a position in the cabinet if she wins the bid for the White House in the 2016 presidential election.

The former secretary of state and New York senator made the remarks at an interview with Extra released on Monday.

Michele Obama is amongst the most popular figures in the Democratic Party, while Clinton’s favaoribility has been extremely low compared to previous Democratic candidates.

Clinton was asked by the hostess if she would consider a cabinet position for the first lady.

The candidate embraced the idea, yet speculated that such a thing is unlikely as Michele Obama does not intend to be part of the US government.

“She’s made it pretty clear she wants to focus on important issues like girls’ education around the world – she and I actually talked about it when we were together in Winston-Salem [N.C.] – and I want to be the best partner I can be for…

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  • Zone43

    Put her in charge of vacations, Moochilla is an expert on that.

  • jan brady

    so I went in to have my appendix removed but the doctor was out . . . so his wife did the surgery . . . now i don’t have any kidneys and I’m hooked up to a machine for life . . .

  • tom d

    I so nor want Washington involved in my local education. I just cannot imagine what damage our dear people in Washington would do to the worlds education system. Mrs Obama has not schooling in the education field. She was in Law school and she does not have a license to work in the courts. i guess that lack of license is the reason she is not being considered for the federal bench. I read before the president would be placed on the supreme court if Hillary wins. Another law student without an license. I suspect he would be the first debared lawyer on the court.

  • Zaphod Braden

    MOOCHELLE has to repay the MILLION$ she stole from US for her vacations….. We have no obligation to send her on “vacation”

  • John Conner

    This sub-human has 0 experience to hold any office, we need people who did not get to the top by criminal active, her stupid non American husband lied his way into office and has done nothing for America but lie about everything…Jan. can’t come soon enough…