Civilians Set on Fire; 78 Killed in Iraq

Civilians Set on Fire; 78 Killed in Iraq

p class=MsoNormal>At least 78 people were killed and 52 more wounded:

Turkish soldiers were killed and nine were wounded
when suspected Kurdistan
Workers Party
(P.K.K.) militants fired rockets and long-range weapons from
across the border in Iraq into Turkey.

civilians were put to death
by fire in Hawija, for not joining Daesh.

An attack on a base in Qayara left 12
soldiers dead

A suicide
struck an army checkpoint in Latifiya,
killing four civilians and three soldiers
. Eleven
others were wounded

In Baghdad, a bomb at a Nahrawan souk left three
dead and 12 wounded
. A bomb in Arab Jabour killed
a soldier and wounded two more
. Two
civilians were killed and five were wounded
in a blast in Shoala.

A pregnant
woman died
of dehydration after arriving at the Makhmour front
lines. She and her husband were trying to escape Daesh territory.

soldiers were wounded
when an Iraqi helicopter made a hard landing in Majar.

A bomb in Taji wounded
four policemen

An airstrike on Mosul left 12 militants dead.

In Metabijh, nine
militants were killed

militants were killed
in a clash north of Ramadi.

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