CIA, FBI and NSA produce joint report, jointly prove nothing


The recent hysteria surrounding Russia’s alleged interference with the November presidential elections saw another episode after an intelligence report, jointly elaborated by the CIA, FBI and NSA, was released on Friday, January 6th.

After weeks of bombshell headlines based on statements from anonymous intelligence officials, western media finally had an official intelligence report to support their bombshell headlines. Unsurprisingly, all headlines look very similar, with the Guardian even changing the title of their main story after realising it was not menacing enough.

The problem is that, much like the old stories, the new ones do not contain any evidence to support the claims, because the report itself does not have anything in that regard. The report says that the “evidence” remains highly classified. These outlets are just being fed the same (non-)information in a new package, and reporting it as “remarkably blunt” (WaPo) and “damning and surprisingly detailed” (NYT) does not change the fact that there are no facts to back this thesis that there was a campaign orchestrated by the Russian state which decided the American presidential elections. Repeating the same accusation time and again is not a way of proving it, and given their track record, we cannot just take intelligence agencies at their word.

Because threatening foreign leaders don’t “work”, they “order”!

The report: little substance, but lots of irony!

And in contrast to…

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  • james ha

    this (rinf) website used to be a serious news source. now it seems to be nothing more than a vehicle for numerous advertisements.
    fuck y’alls i will go elsewhere from now on.

    • JosephConrad

      I agree. The reality we face today is the REAL fact-based NEWS is so VILE, it
      must be hidden or falsified. Otherwise, would insight the Nation to revolution and the SLAUGHTER of every one of the Rich, White Wasp Jews who have stolen the Republic, plundered the economy & reduced its citizens to poverty.

  • chris

    no facts? of course not. this absurd claim has occupied the country for over 2 months now. people are sick of it. drop it already. the democraps need to get over themselves.