Child of the State, Man of War

And now, John Sidney McCain, III is a corpse in a morgue awaiting his state burial.  It is as it should be, perhaps for the first time in his entire life.

McCain – the holy terror of teenager and Naval Academy cadet, mad pilot and poster child for the horrors of the towering enemy we faced for our very survival as a Republic in Vietnam, and political animal for much of his life – clearly was not at home in this world.

In a world filled with people who are all pretty much accountable on a daily basis for their decisions, choices, actions, and for the pain they have and are causing, John McCain was missing from his post.

Instead, as a son of a successful Naval commander, he path was not entirely his own, and yet he did, repeatedly, choose that path.  His biggest tragedy may have been that he was the namesake of a distinguished military family.   Certainly the life of his younger brother Joe Pinckney McCain is a testament to how being born into service of the state doesn’t have to result in the deaths of so many for so long.

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Where failures and character flaws occur in all families, when they occur in the important chapter of the national narrative called “Military Heroism And Sacrifice In The Name Of National Greatness And Security,” something must be done.

And what was done?  Props, propaganda and prose all came forth, and we aren’t done being propagandized and prosed to death just yet.  The funeral is coming.

While much has been written about John McCain, it’s the stories we haven’t been told that bother most people.  How he made it through the Academy one our dime with massive numbers of demerits…

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