Chilcot report to 'open the flood gate,' analyst says

The newly-released inquiry into Britain’s role in the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq is not “the end of the line” but  it “opens the flood gate,” says the CEO and founder of the Cordoba Foundation.

The Chilcot Inquiry, established in 2009 to investigate Britain’s most controversial military engagement since the end of the Second World War, published its 6,000-page report on Wednesday, slamming former British Prime Minister Tony Blair over support for former US President George W. Bush in the war.

Blair presented the case for war with “a certainty which was not justified” based on “flawed” intelligence about Iraq’s supposed weapons of mass destruction (WMD), which was not challenged as it should have been, the report concluded.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair speaks during a news conference in London on July 6, 2016.

In an interview with Press TV on Wednesday, Anas Alkitriti said Chilcot Inquiry does not mark an end to the…

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