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On July 13, the Cato Institute published on its website an article entitled “The Errors of Nostalgi-tarianism” by Steve Horwitz, a libertarian economics professor at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.

Horwitz’s article was a critique of a fundraising letter that I recently sent to supporters of The Future of Freedom Foundation requesting help with upgrading our website and with an outreach campaign that we are launching to find new libertarians.

On July 23, I sent a response to Horwitz’s article to an editor at Cato, requesting that they share it with the readers of

One of Cato’s associate editors informed me that they would not post my response because, he said, it did not “meet’s editorial standards.” He informed me that they would be open to reconsidering their decision if I met three conditions: (1) I revise my response to their satisfaction; (2) I delete the section of my response that explains FFF’s methodology for advancing liberty; and (3) I shorten my response so that its number of words would approximately equal the number of words in the Horwitz critique.

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I advised him that those conditions were unsatisfactory to me. Consequently, Cato chose not to share my response to the Horwitz article with the readers of

My response to Horwitz’s critique of my FFF fundraising letter appears below.

Jacob Hornberger
The Future of Freedom Foundation


In an article entitled The Errors of Nostalgi-tarianism,” which was recently published by the Cato Institute’s…

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