Casualties soar in Iraqi city of Mosul


Casualties soar in Iraqi city of Mosul

James Cogan

25 March 2017

An air strike on western Mosul on March 17, carried out by either the United States or one of its allies, resulted in the destruction of homes and the slaughter of as many as 200 civilians.

According to an eyewitness, the attack in Baghdad Street, in the suburb of Aghawat Jadidah, appears to have been called in to dislodge a lone Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) sniper who was holding up the advance of Iraqi government forces. Unnamed American officials told the Los Angeles Times a truck containing fuel or explosives may have been “inadvertently hit,” causing a massive explosion.

LA Times correspondents in Mosul reported on Friday: “Bodies were still pinned under houses; blackened hands and a pair of feet in yellow high-top sneakers protruded from one place in the rubble.” A woman, Munatha Jasim, who lost a seven-year-old son and four-year-old daughter in the attack, said: “Just because one Islamic State [fighter] was on our house, the aircraft bombed us.”

Before news of the latest carnage broke, the US military had already announced that it carried out four air strikes in Mosul on March 17, boasting that it destroyed 25 ISIS “fighting positions” and 56 vehicles. US Army spokesperson Joe Scrocca told the LA Times it will “assess the allegations and determine what, if any, role a coalition strike may have had in that area.”

The countries whose air forces and ground units are involved in bombing Mosul, and could be responsible, are the United States, Britain, Australia and France, as well as the Iraqi government itself. According to US figures, its “coalition” has unleashed over 18,000 bombs and missiles on the city since October 17.

The reported atrocity in Mosul follows the…

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