Carnage in Baghdad; 184 Killed in Iraq, including Australian

Carnage in Baghdad; 184 Killed in Iraq, including Australian

An Australian
man was killed
on Tuesday in Daquq when the mine he was trying to
defuse exploded. He was working for the non-profit Swiss Foundation for Mine
Action. He is the second Australian killed in Iraq this month.

Security forces easily entered
Rutba today, and have liberated
the strategic town near the Syrian and Jordanian borders.

Rivalries among the different Shi’ite militias could ignite
a new war within the war. One of these militias is connected to Shi’ite cleric
Muqtada al-Sadr. After the bombings in Baghdad today, his Saraya Salam (Peace
Brigades), formerly the Mahdi Army, spread out through Sadr City, heavily
outnumbering government forces.

Along with the Australian man, at least 183 others were
killed and 172 were wounded

In Baghdad’s Shabb district, 41
people were killed and 70 were wounded
in a car bombing; a female
suicide bomber
set off a second bomb after first responders arrived. A bomb
eight people and wounded 22
in Doura/Rashid. Nine
people were killed and 18 were wounded
by a blast outside a Habibiya

Also, a car bomb in the Baghdad suburb of Sadr City
left 30
dead and 57 wounded
. Nine people were
in a suicide
. A suicide bomber was captured
by the Peace Brigades, but he was not handed over to security forces.

security members were killed and five were wounded
during the liberation of

Militants killed
a farmer
in Bezaaz Kanaan.

Airstrikes on Hajj Ali left 40
militants dead

In Barwana, 15
militants were killed

militants were killed
in Subaihat including a sharia judge.

Security forces killed
10 militants
in Haditha.

In Mosul, an armed group killed
four militants

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