Can You Pick the Odd One Out?

Only people with a high IQ can get 15/15 in this tricky quiz

Think you know your synonyms? How about different types of birds? If you can pick the odd one out of potato, ginger, carrot, and tomato, then this is the quiz for you.

Creator Michael Rogers says of anyone who can score full marks: ‘You are highly intelligent, and your IQ range is 146–157. You enjoy solitude, and you have elaborate inner dialogues and thoughts.

‘People often describe you as quiet, and may find it difficult to get to know you. Nonetheless, you are very self-aware. You can easily tune into your feelings, as well as to the behaviors and feelings of others. Keep it up!’

To take the quiz, simply scroll down and answer the 15 questions. Continue to the bottom of the page to reveal the answers. Good luck!

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