Scaremonger Alert! Cameron warns Brexit poses ‘huge risk’ to economy

British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that a vote to leave the European Union in an upcoming referendum would be “irreversible” and a “huge risk” to the country’s economy.

Speaking outside his official residence in London on Tuesday, Cameron said leaving the EU would risk Britain’s economic security and future generations would have to live with the consequences.

“They can’t undo the decision we take,” he said. “If we vote out, that’s it. It’s irreversible.”

“Above all it is about our economy,” the prime minister warned. “It will be stronger if we stay. It will be weaker if we leave. And that is a huge risk to Britain, to British families, to British jobs.”

Two days before a referendum on EU membership, Cameron appealed directly to older voters who are the most skeptical segment of the population, saying, “Think about the hopes and dreams of your children and grandchildren.”

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