Businesses close across US to show support for immigrants

Many US businesses have closed across the country as thousands of protestors took to the streets to rally against President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Protest organizers urged immigrants to skip work and class and asked businesses to close on Thursday as a way to show the country how important they are to America’s economy and way of life.

Activists called “A Day Without Immigrants” to highlight the importance of foreign-born naturalized US citizens, who account for 13 percent of the US population, or more than 40 million people.

Businesses and institutions in some cities closed out of solidarity with immigrant workers. In Washington, more than 50 restaurants were closed, including high-end eateries.

At the US Defense Department, about half a dozen food outlets were forced to close after staff members joined the protest, a Pentagon spokesman said.

Trump signed an executive order on January 27 temporarily banning entry to the United States by…

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