Brussels, Paris, Berlin Want to Get Rid of Nation-States in the European Union

The idea that unanimous support among member states should not be necessary for foreign policy decisions is gaining traction in the EU. The end-game is to get rid of nation-states, a former German diplomat told RT.

The concept of at least some foreign policy decisions being made by the EU without universal backing from member states was floated recently by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. He suggested the change during the Munich Security Conference last month. Some German officials have also spoken in favor of the proposed reform.

In particular, Minister of State for Europe Michael Roth told Der Spiegel that the unanimity principle exposed the Union to malign foreign influence. Juergen Hardt, an MP and foreign policy expert, suggested to the magazine that switching to a simple majority would “increase the EU’s ability to act.”

The suggestion is part of a drive within the bloc to subjugate national governments to the decisions made by Brussels, veteran German lawmaker Willy Wimmer said. Wimmer also served as state secretary for defense, and later became vice-president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

“We face critical decisions in the European Union these days. I think there is a major obstacle to the development of the EU because Brussels – mainly France and Germany – want to get rid of the nation-states,” he said. “[Bringing together nation-states] had been the founding…

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